Our Lady and St. Michael Church Abergavenny

Father James Norris

Telephone: 01873 851 051

Meet the Parish Advisory Council

The Parish Advisory Council (PAC) is a body consisting of seven elected members of the parish and four ex-officio members who represent: the parish clergy, the religious in the parish, representatives from the primary school and the Parish Finance Committee. The purpose of the PAC is to advice the Parish priest in all matters relating to the proclamation of the Gospel and the spiritual development of the Church within the parish, the archdiocese and the world beyond. Through its advice and collaboration members of the PAC help the parish priest determine pastoral priorities for the continuing growth of the Parish

       Members of the PAC:

  • President : Father James 
  • Chairman: David Powell 
  • Vice-Chairman: Charles Barriere 
  • Secretary: Rachael O'Connell 
  • Deacon: Andreas Erhardt 
  • Finance: Louis Mahendra
  • Religious: Sister Josephine Egan 
  • School: Stephanie Elias 

  • Viv Evans
  • Other PAC Members
      Sheila Bowden
    Janette Disson 
    Antoinette Graves
    Anu Pinto